One who never asks either knows everything or nothing.*

Malcom Forbes

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If I wasn’t Bob Dylan, I’d probably think that Bob Dylan has a lot of answers myself*

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Who will host?

– How much storage and usage needed? Small sites require little storage (about 0.25 gigabytes for this site)
-Many hosting plans have “required” extras not included in the plan.

Choosing a hosting plan, whether it’s for a new website or to transfer your current setup, can be an overwhelming task. There are several available hosting choices and the vast array of options – including dedicated, shared, and managed – can leave you with analysis paralysis.*


What to present?

I plan to build this _____ type of site

Within _____ I want my completed site online (or working copy on a thumb drive)

Specific: My goal in building this is ______

Measurable: I want this _____ outcome in this amount of time ______

Achievable: Is the outcome realistic and why______

Relevant: Knowing the idea or story I want to have — will I gain enjoyment, knowledge, or profit in doing this.

Any idea resources?

WordPress comes free with three basic designs with limited functionality.

WordPress has a market place with hundreds of thousands of designs to purchase.

We use Divi designs which is an overlay to WordPress. With hundreds of themes; we can modify designs into your vision.

Take a look at some possibilities.


Think about your budget. We can help you get the most out of your dollars.


Think about the time you want to invest.

Knowledge of websites you have and what you want to learn.

What would make this an enjoyable learning experience?